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Are We Wrapped Up in Right Colours?

Wearing an endearing charismatic smile and brimming enthusiasm might not just be enough to tackle a hell lot of stuff that we have to go through in a day. It could be our job, it could be communicating with folks and their ideologies.

It could just be anything for that matter. Even the inanimate objects, our possessions must exude the same energy and fervor that we have. We therefore, wrap ourselves and the objects around us with the best fabrics and paint them with the most vibrant of the colours.

But behind that shine, there lurks something dark, that we need to ponder upon. The question is - are we wearing the right colours?

You’d probably say that there is nothing wrong or right with colours and why should that matter in the first place? That’s because these very colours, in a way, have a drastic effect on our health and on our environment’s health. The synthetic dyes that make these fabrics look chic are more dangerous than one might actually think.

Yes! We are not kidding. To just give you a glimpse, imagine being wrapped in colours that are carcinogenic (chemicals that can possibly cause cancer). These colours when discharged into global waterways have a devastating effect on the coral life and the effects cannot be filtered out even after treating with the most advanced filtration systems.

People who have to go through the maximum ordeal are the ones who are responsible for the production. The employees face skin irritation issues, respiratory problems, growth of tumours, just to name a few. Believe it or not, even we as the final recipients of these fashionable fabrics, even after wearing something that has been processed a hundred times can still get rashes. That’s the least we are talking about.

Coming from a past which once thrived on harmless eco-friendly dyes, what are we heading to? For a second, you’ll probably say, big deal! The colours look cool and fashionable, and moreover, we don’t seem to have an option. Is there a way, we can be spared of this harm?

We at DIY Workshop & Sodhani Biotique, with an endeavour to bring back that goodness, constantly harness nature so that the dyes that came directly from plants, vegetables, bugs and other natural substances can reach people while not leaving a strand of fashion go untouched. Wish to delve even deeper into the beautiful world of eco-friendly dyes? Let’s embark on a journey full of colours and good health together.

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